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About Rao Computers

Rao Computers. the pioneers and the market leaders in technical competence and time
Bound services were incorporated in 2003. With more than five year of experience behind them the company is equipped with necessary infrastructure and trained professionals to provide integrity solutions to its customers.

We at Rao Computers joined hands to put together all facilities of IT for our customers within adequate cost outlying and optimum time frame. RC (Rao Computers) job is as versatile as requirement of IT in the organization. With the growing demand and importance of IT in the organization we geared up to provide our customer an efficient network solution , access solution , power conditioning , system integration , peripheral support and facility management services. The company has identified certain key areas in the industry where, with the combined expertise, customized solutions are provided.

We extend our support for the above mentioned facilities to our esteem customers in the whole region of Delhi & Haryana. To support our activities we have our head office and support center in Gurgaon.

RC started its venture in to this challenging field by defining the key areas of support and services level required by any company. We design and deliver solutions as per the requirement of the customer.

We offer an entire suite of IT solutions to our customers including.

  • IT infrastructure support.

  • Structure Network cabling solution.

  • System integration.

  • Internet security solution.

  • Home PC user support.

  • Software & consulting.

Over the years businesses have come really on IT to an extent that high availability of IT Infrastructure has become crucial to their operational success. To keep their mission – critical IT Infrastructure running efficiently requires specialized skills. The fast pace of change in information technology and the mobility of IT professionals make the task even more difficult. More and more organizations are realizing that while the IT infrastructure is critical to their business, supporting it is not their core business competence. Therefore, they are now outsourcing this activity to specialized service providers.

RC takes on the responsibility of insuring the availability of your information system as per an agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement) that typically defines response and resolutions times. RC deploys adequate manpower and equipment on site to meet the SLA commitments.

System Administrator Staffing Services

Organizations that have in house IT management staff but are looking at augmenting the internal team can use RC. to provide them with desired skills. RC takes the responsibility to provide staff with the required skills and the back-up for the person during periods of leave and absence. In addition RC also provides escalated support to such a person through it’s on back office senior technical staff.

Some of the key advantages of this service are:

  • Ready availability of appropriate manpower.

  • Flexibility in deploying skills as required.

  • Recruitment cost of manpower not to be born by customer.

  • Manpower training hassles not to be undertaking by customer.

  • Career planning for the resources not required to be done by the customer.

  • Retention of manpower only till needed.

IT Infrastructure Support

Facility Management Services

Multi vendor annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) are the traditional service offered by RC. RC AMC provides comprehensive coverage against hardware failure for a very large variety of IT hardware manufactured by different vendors. A key feature of the support services is stand by equipment provisioning under which within a pre defined time the user gets a loaner system to get back to work even while the users equipment is being serviced.

In this offering Rao Computers also provides basic support on standard pc software including windows operating systems, e – mail systems.

Structured Network Cabling Solution

We have our own highly trained networking team for design & implementation of LANs & WAN s.

  • Network management.

  • Network audit/traffic and performance testing through adequate tools

  • Network design and layout.

  • Network integration services.

  • Network reconfiguration.

  • Network change consultancy.

  • Network troubleshooting.

  • Management of networking equipment’s.

  • Documentation of failure/resolution.

Multi Vendor Hardware Maintenance

Systems Integration

As a consequence of its excellent service track record and strong customer relationships the company sells a large amount of hardware in the form of system upgrades and replacements as well as new systems integration. We offer our service customers:

  • Messaging system design & implementation

  • VPN/WAN /Internet connectivity solution

  • Branded and assembled PCs, Servers , Notebooks & Peripheral

  • Structured cabling for data , voice & video

  • Power conditioning solutions

    Our Commitment
    Our policy
    We strive to excel in all our work, individually and collectively, to create and deliver the Best quality of the greatest value to the customer using minimum resources. Our quality Shall be consistent across people and our time.
    Service Management System

    Internally implemented CRM application. This system allows our fully integrated
    Customer service helped us to control the entire service process without ever losing track of a service request. The implemented CRM application provides our service process powerful automated escalation capabilities. It has been designed to help managers and specialists manage the process by exception. Escalators via proper channels handle any deviation in the process.

Team Rao Computers

Rao Computers is a professionally managed company and its people. It attracts, retains and grooms fine people, possible because of a professional work environment with a deep commitment to human resource development. The company offers career development
Opportunities both in the technical and managerial fields. In fact, people who have grown

from within the organization hold many of the managerial positions. Team Rao Computers today consists of over 7 employees.

Industry Certifications:

  • Microsoft certified professionals

  • Certified lotus professionals

  • Cisco certified professionals

  • Certified HP engineers Technology Partnerships

  • HP Compaq authorized dealer

  • IBM Lenovo authorized dealer

  • Dell authorized dealer

  • Samsung authorized dealer

  • Hcl authorized dealer

  • Tally authorized dealer

  • Intex authorized dealer

  • AOC authorized dealer